Blitz the League II-Washington Redhawks

Blitz the League II-Washington Redhawks

Washington Redhawks

The Redhawks team logo.

The Washington Redhawks joined The League in 1942 after Marshall Cooper consolidated The League from twelve teams to six teams to maximize coverage during World War II. In 1972 during an away game against the Baltimore Bearcats, Baltimore WR Lawrence Saunders is arrested for dodging the draft and Washington is able to use the disturbance to come from behind and defeat the Bearcats. Bearcats' owner Antonio Gerasi attempts to get the game results overturned and goes on to sue the federal government. He is unsuccessful, but when Saunders is killed in action in Vietnam six months later, it sparks a wave of anti-war protests. In 1976 following the Eastern-Western League merger, Washington begins play in Division I and wins the first ever combined League Championship.They fail to repeat the following year however losing to the Kansas City Crossfire. By 2004 they had fallen all the way down into Division III, a Division that was created by the 1994 merger between The League and Clive Hanson's Scrub League. They were able to make the Division III Championship game but, lost to the Carolina Copperheads. In 2006, the Redhawks make it to Division 1 and make it to the Championship game to face the Nightmare. As the Nightmare started the 1st half 21-7, Quentin Sands goes down with an injury on a blitz play in the 2nd Quarter, tearing his MCL and ACL at once, the Redhawks used it to their advantage by winning the league championship 40-28.

Sometime in between the two Blitz games popular Redhawks QB Mike Mexico and DE Jacob Williams, were both arrested and put in federal prison. Williams, however, was released some time before the start of the 2009 season, while Mexico remains in jail. They would find a new QB in a former member of the player's team from the first Blitz game QB Clayton Wescott.

In 2008 the Redhawks win the Divison III Championship to finally move back into Division II.

Team Captain: Jacob Williams (Blitz I) Clayton Wescott (Blitz II)

Stadium: Redhawk Stadium

Washington Redhawks Roster
  • 1 Clayton Wescott
  • 11 Ted Cale 

Running Backs

  • 35 Kirk Bradford HB
  • 39 Jimmie Nichols
  • 29 Rasul Muhammed FB
  • 33 Leon Taylor

Wide Receivers

  • 80 Nick Connon
  • 86 Richard Davies
  • 83 Dakota Bryant 
  • 87 Max Bennett
  • 81Chris Morin

Tight Ends

  • 89 Chad Belling
  • 88 Allen Ireson
Offensive Linemen
  • 61 Alex Harvey LT
  • 62 Phillipe Federov RT
  • 65 Quinton Wallace RG
  • 70 Ronnie Wilson LG
  • 79 Roger Inglis C
  • 64 Jeffrey Katz C
  • 63 Austin Fisher G
  • 67 Frederick Wright T
  • Defensive Linemen
    • 76 Rodney Gerstein DT
    • 77 Kayne Green DT
    • 78 Ralph Carter  DT
    • 90 Curtis Hupponen RE
    • 91 Chris Krauskopf LE
    • 93 Robert Maltais RE
    • 96 Chris Valentine LE
    • 99 Bruce Hart DT
  • Linebackers
    • 45 Tedd Edwards OLB
    • 48 Stuart Egan MLB
    • 49 Craig Ferguson OLB
    • 44 Donald Hootstein OLB
    • 51 Derrick Nelson OLB
    • 54 Eric Olczyk MLB
  • Defensive Backs
    • 27 Wade Adams SS
    • 32 Chris Angeli FS
    • 43 Steven Bethley CB
    • 22 Marcus Carter SS
    • 21 Arthur Reed CB
    • 9 Ezekial Freeman FS
    • 22 Teddy Grazian CB
    • 31 Vincent Oliver CB

Special Teams

    • 10 Eric Mendes K
    • 15 Keith O’Shae P