Vonnie Treonday was a trash talker who played for the New England Regulars and had a knack for getting into opponents' heads. He led the League in interceptions in 2004 and 2005 as he led New England to a 2008 League Championship victory in his final season.

Despite his trash-talking personality on the field, Treonday is regarded as a decent guy with good morals. Treonday retired shortly before the beginning of Blitz: The League II. Therefore, New England replaced their all-star veteran with troubled player Packrat James as team captain.

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"Vonnie Fucking Treonday!"

Career History

Career Highlights and Awards

  • Led the League in interceptions (2004)
  • Holds the all-time Division I record for most interceptions in one season, with 15 in 2005
  • Member of the East All-Stars team (Blitz: The League) (1997-2005)
  • Member of the All-American team (Blitz: The League)
  • League champion (2008)