In Blitz: The League, Tyrone Kilgore is one of the three choices for the rookie draft pick of the Player-Created Team. Kilgore is a HB, and follows the rookie's storyline in the game's campaign mode. He starts out his story by flirting with the captain of the team's cheerleading squad, Jacqui. She turns him down for a date to begin with due to the League's non-fraternization policy. She changes her mind after the team wins the Division III Championship. The relationship becomes complicated after Bruno Battaglia joins the team as the two already knows each other and Battaglia attempts to put the moves on her. Things get even worse after they run into New York Nightmare LB Quentin Sands in a nightclub and he suggests he's the only one that could truly satisfy Jacqui leading to a brawl that lands the team in jail. To top it off during the first Division I Game against the Nightmare Sands lands a dirty hit on the rookie and he's predicted to miss the rest of Division I play. Luckily he's able to make a full recovery and leads the team to The League Championship as well as repair and strengthen his relationship with Jacqui. It is also possible for the rookie to injury Sands during the League Championship Game by using an unleash on him as payback.

Blitz: The League II's campaign reveals that Clayton Wescott was the canon rookie from the 2005 season, but Kilgore is still present in the game. Ironically enough, Kilgore ends up playing for the Nightmare by 2008.

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