Role in Blitz: The LeagueEdit

Tito Maas is a wide receiver for the Arizona Outlaws. He is very fast and small for a football player, as he is known playfully as "Mighty Maas", a play on the fictional hero Mighty Mouse. He is also a danger to score whenever he catches the ball.

In the Xbox 360 version of Blitz: The League, after advancing to Division 1, Maas joins the Player-Created Team , in addition to star linebacker Bruno Battaglia, giving the team a significantly improved defense and offense.

Modeled after editors of the game released, he was modeled after wide receiver of the Washington Redskins Santana Moss, because of his small size and quickness. "They don't call him Mighty Maas for nothing."

Role in Blitz: The League IIEdit

As team captain for the Outlaws, he was instrumental in their rise from Division 3 all the way up to Division 1. Now as part of the "Fun in the Sun" offense, they are a threat to win the League Championship.

Career Highlights and Awards

  • Holds the all-time Division 3 record for most receiving yards in one season, with 1,488 in 2003