In Blitz The League, Ted Lawless is one of three choices for the veteran team captain of the Player-Created Team he's a LB and follows the veteran's storyline in the game's campaign mode. He starts out being eyed by Mayor Sheila Andrews and soon runs into problems when his ex-wife demands the money he's making now that he's out of retirement, although it's clear he's had money problems before that. This leads to his gambling problem flairing up and only with the help of Mayor Andrews is he able to pay off his debts. When the team reaches Division 1, Mayor Andrews catches him flirting with another women and angered by this will not bail him out when the team is inprisoned after a fight with the New York Nightmare at a club. Eventually he comes back but not before selling Quentin Sands the team's playbook before the League Championship Game then calling his bookie. After the player's team's victory you learn that the playbook he sold was a fake and the bet he made was on his own team finally getting him out of debt.

In Blitz: The League II, Ted Lawless plays for the New England Regulars.