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The Sentinels logo and helmet

The Tampa Bay Sentinels are an expansion team to begin play in The League in 2014,  The franchise was awarded to Jason Gerry, a wealthy local business man and huge football fan. The new franchise was awarded to Tampa despite South Pacific's ( an ownership group who currently owns a handful of minor league teams and a NASCAR track ) hefty bid to bring football back to either San Diego or Los Angeles. During the expansion draft the Tampa Bay Sentinels used their captain pick to select Paul Crewe who was " pardoned from prison " though no questions were asked on why he was pardoned. They used their next few rounds to select Sean " Tornado " Davis, Rick Spielberg, , and Claus " The German Robot " Vunderjagt. In the league draft they use their pick to trade for Lance Adams and in turn, the Rockets drafted Wide Receiver Eric " Boss " Moss. Once the ball started to roll, Tampa made a splash by signing Jared " Blue Chip " Kelly, who was renouned at Northern Ohio University for his development abilities as shown with players such as Clayton Wescott, Tyrone Kilgore, and Justin Jonas and his speedy offense that put them in contention for a championship from 2003-2013 until losing to the University of North America Hurricanes in a score of 51-14 which led to a 5-6 season ( the first losing season at Northern Ohio since 1979). The team made a huge splash as they signed James "The Beast" Richards, a superstar professional wrestler to play defensive end,


Tampa Memorial Stadium (2014)

Bayside Stadium (2015-future)

Head Coach: Chris James (2014)


Captain : QB Paul Crewe #18


Paul Crewe  #18                              Defensive Line

Dick Anderson #10

Matt Alviti #5.                              James "The Beast" Richards DE #98

Runningbacks                                   Willy " Mamoth " Namoth DT#97
TB stadium

Sean " Tornado " Davis HB #21           Michael Stram DE #90

Andre Gonzalez HB #26                       Adam Latshaw DT #72

Desmond Sanders HB #36 Charles Nelson DT #96              

Ike Trott FB #40                                   Linebackers

Ricky Howard FB #45                         Amari Newell ILB #54

Wide Reciever                                  Vladimir Gorbotrov ILB #59

Lance Adams #84                             Nigel Mortenson OLB #50

Randy Owens #81                               Alvin Hicks jr. OLB #55

Pedro Alvarez #87                               Pete Moore OLB #52

Juan Santana #19                               Lebron Antoinette OLB #56

Peter Hicks #12                                   Defensive Backs

Tight Ends                                         Rick Spielberg CB #22

Devon Peeples #89                            Sean Jackson CB #1

Travis James #82                               Jose Hurt CB #47

Ivan Battaglia #85                               Julius York-Alverez CB #33

Offensvie Line                                 Bruno Henderson FS #28

Greg Higgins #77 C                            Alvin Hester FS #27

Billy Joe Jefferson #61 C                    DeAndre Rodriguez SS #43

Orlando Jackson #51 G                      Jarius McFadden SS #20

Tex Graham-Grimm #79 G                  Special Teams

Raymond Guy #68 G                          Claus " The German Robot " Vunderjagt K #13

Richard Player #71 G   Scott Hillard P #2

Stephan Kelly # 60 T

Michael Cooper # 62. T

Byron Scott #69 T

James Jordan # 72 T