The Supermax Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison designed to hold the most violent criminals in the country. The facility also has its own football team, who serves as the player's opponent in the Prison Ball bonus mode.

In the events of Blitz: The League II, "Franchise" is arrested after testing positive for Ultranol (as he was framed by Commissioner Clive Hanson who was acting through Quentin Sands), and is sent to Milltown Correctional Facility. Milltown's warden convinces Franchise to play for his prison's team against Supermax in the annual game, which Milltown has never won, in exchange for an early release.

The captain of the Supermax team is defensive player Karl Tirpitz, who is serving time for 23 counts of aggravated assault, and is considered the most violent player on the team (similar to defensive end Tyrell Price of the Kansas City Crossfire, who is considered the most violent player in the league). Tirpitz later joins the player's team after completing Division 2. Another notable player on the team is Mike Mexico, the former quarterback of the Washington Redhawks, who was sentenced to prison along with Jacob Williams for running a gambling operation (Williams, however, is not on the Supermax roster, and is in fact back with the Redhawks once the player begins Division 2). As an Easter egg, the name David Friedland is also listed as a DE, which is the name of the lead developer on the Blitz games at Midway.