The Seattle Reign are a team in Blitz: The League I and II. They were founded in 1992 as part of Clive Hanson's Scrub League.

History[edit | edit source]

The Seattle Reign were a founding member of the Scrub League that was created by Clive Hanson to seize the opportunity and fill the void left during the Strike years. They started play in 1992 and made it to the Scrub League Championship losing to the New England Regulars 31-14. In 1994 Hanson sold his controlling interests in the Scrub League to The League and effectively merged the two creating a Division III. By 1996 Seattle had already made Division I and The League Championship game where they defeated the New York Nightmare and stopped them from winning 3 straight championships. Seattle won on the strength of their defense who set a championship game record seven forced turnovers.

Heading Into Blitz 2[edit | edit source]

The Reign have managed to stay relatively successful, staying in Division 1 in the interim between the two Blitz games. In 2006, the Reign lose to the Washington Redhawks when Chad Longstreet gets injured. The Reign's defense is still said to be one of the most dominant in The League, though their offense poses little threat. The Reign is demoted from Division I to Division II after the second season of play, meaning that the player does not play them in Campaign Mode.

Team Captain: DE Chad Longstreet


Ranier Field (1992-Present)

Seattle Reign Roster (BtL I)
  • 14 Darius Wickman QB
  • 15 Jeff Caleigh QB
  • 9 Ben Davison QB

Running Backs

  • 37 Ed Peterson RB
  • 35 Dexter McPherson RB
  • 33 DeWayne Lamont RB
  • 40 Owen Murphy FB
  • 38 Reggie Shields FB

Wide Receivers

  • 81 Zack Valentine WR
  • 80 Treyton Walker WR
  • 82 James Ryan WR
  • 85 Josh Birk WR
  • 83 Jason George WR

Tight Ends/Offensive Line

  • 84 Steve Sterns TE
  • 86 Riley James TE
  • 88 Ruben Bailey TE
  • 69 Micah Pounder C
  • 73 Orlando Vasquez G
  • 74 Andre Donalds G
Defensive Line
  • 92 Chad Longstreet DE
  • 97 Jonathan Brickter DE
  • 99 Bubba Stapleton DT


  • 55 Tyrese Jones ILB
  • 56 Chris Davis LOLB
  • 59 Dallas Quinn ROLB
  • 51 Khalil Kai ILB

Defensive Backs

  • 21 Ross Holden CB
  • 20 Jeff Little CB
  • 30 Raul Trey SS
  • 40 Jack Wilson FS

Special Teams

  • 7 Martin Ryan K
  • 17 Joseph Pagoria P
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