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The San Diego Cyclones were a founding member of the Western League in 1956 as the Sacramento Cyclones. In 1967 the Cyclones won the Western Championship and then lost the annual West-East Exhibtion game to the New York Shamrocks this game was noteworthy more for the fact it would be the last the Shamrocks played as on the way home from it their plane crashed killing nearly the entire team. After the merger of the Eastern and Western Leagues in 1976 the Cyclones begin play in Division II. By 1981 the team was nearly bankrupt and was forced to take San Diego mayor, Arthur Rand's offer to relocate the team there, under cover of night the team packed up everything and made the trip to San Diego. By 1996 the team was down all the way into Division III, which had it's inception two years earlier thanks to a merger with Clive Hanson's Scrub League. Their stay there was short winning the Division III Championship by defeating the surprising Chicago Marauders.

Sometime in between the two Blitz games, the once again financially strapped team is forced to relocate again and move to Cleveland and rebrand themselves as the Cleveland Steamers, a reference to a short-lived, forgotten team in The League's early history. In 2006, Cyclones Team Captain FS Ezekial Freeman has his worst statistical season. As a result Freeman demands and is granted a trade to the Cincinnati Crusaders as he claims that " God told him to be a Crusader ".
Sacramento Cyclones

Team Captain: Ezekial Freeman


(Copper Field) (1956-1980)

Cyclone Stadium (1981-2006)

San Diego Cyclones Roster
  • 1 Dwight Parker QB
  • 3 Luther Pierce QB
  • 14 Austin Stoker QB

Running Backs

  • 35 Jerome Kennedy RB
  • 32 Steve Kucera RB
  • 30 Domanick Douglas RB
  • 40 Nathan Fredricks FB
  • 38 Donnie Green FB

Wide Receivers

  • 80 Floyd Lynnwood WR
  • 83 Darell Remlinger WR
  • 85 Roger Steadman WR
  • 88 Willie Hartman WR
  • 86 Scott Weiss WR

Tight Ends

  • 87 John Slane TE
  • 82 Alan Cashman TE
  • 84 Sam Daly TE
  • 56 Brent Storm ILB
  • 54 Peter Wolff ILB
  • 52 William Canfield LOLB
  • 55 Terrance Beckerman ROLB

Defensive Backs

  • 23 Ezekial Freeman CB
  • 25 Michael Harper CB
  • 33 Sam Snow SS
  • 26 Rapheal Smith FS

Special Teams

  • 16 Wesley Juergens K
  • 13 Harry Peppers P