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Philadelphia Brawlers Logo


The Brawlers actually began as the Player-Created Team from the first Blitz game. The team was rocked by scandal when a federal investigation revealed gross misappropriation of public funds in financing the team's new stadium. The investigation led to a criminal indictment of owner Lyman Strang and a recall election that saw Mayor Sheila Andrews defeated and thrown from office. A bankrupt Strang was forced to sell his team to The League, who moved it to Philadelphia, desperate to put the scandal behind them.

The Brawlers live up to their names with their style of play. They cheat as much as they can, and get away with far more than they should. However, cheap shots can only get you so far. The Brawlers are held back by an abysmal offense even for Division III standards, but this defense can play with the best of them.

Although in the first game the player was able to choose any of three rookies and three veterans to play on Strang's "Dream Team" the canon story places the rookie as QB Clayton Wescott and the veteran as LB Ted Lawless both of whom have moved on from Philadelphia. Wescott was offered a very lucrative deal to play for the Washington Redhawks and Lawless chose to sign with the scandal ridden New England Regulars.

Team Captain: DT H.J. Latshaw

Team Stadium: Brookford field


1 Kwan Kirkland

8 Thomas Russell


29 Cedric Benson

18 Victor Wood

25 Roy Henderson

Wide Receivers

81 Cooper Riley

83 Walter Parker

85 George Carter

87 Juan Adams

89 Michael Harris

82 Edward Bell

Tight Ends

84 Randy Roberts

86 Jeremy Scott

88 Johnny Long

Offensive Line

60 Joshua Sanders C

71 Chris Cooper

62 Jose Gonzalez G

73 John Curtis

64 John Washington

75 Ronald Baker T

65 Gregory Hernandez

61 Ralph Smith

Defensive Line

76 Jerome Brown DT

96 H.J Latshaw

77 James Elliot

78 Paul Mitchell

79 Steve Smith DE

99 Matt Barkley

98 Aaron Rodriquez

95 BrIan Hill

Line Backers

50 Chris Henry

52 Brad Hennington

55 Andrew Patterson

59 Eugene Rivera

58 Howard Miller

56 Louis Morgan

Defensive Backs

20 John Mahorn SS

30 Stephen Foster

33 Fred Torres FS

23 Justin Morris

35 Cade Bryson CB

39 Jonathan Martinez

31 Brandon Nelson

32 Frank Barnes

Special Teams

11 Phillip Garcia K

13 Gary Watson