The Orlando Hammerheads were a founding member of the Scrub League that was created by Clive Hanson to seize the opportunity and fill the void left during the Strike years. They started play in 1992 and by 1993 made the Scrub League Championship game losing to the New England Regulars in a shootout 47-35. They were merged into The League in 1994 when Hanson sold his controlling interests in the Scrub League to The League. In 1997, the Hammerheads went to their first league championship game and defeated the Minnesota Reapers 42-24. By 2004 they had made Division II but based on poor play during that season they finished in last place and were bumped down into Division III by the player's team. The Hammerheads are one of two teams the player does not play in Campaign Mode.

Sometime between the two Blitz games the Hammerheads relocated to Miami and a more modern stadium than their aging one in Orlando but it has been recently ravaged by a string of hurricanes. The team has persevered through this.

Team Captain: Chris James


The Shark Cage (1992-2007)

Orlando Hammerheads Roster
  • 3 Kelley Kinsley QB
  • 14 Dante Wade QB
  • 8 Robert Fowler QB

Running Backs

  • 33 Willie Rhodes RB
  • 25 Saul Jaxon RB
  • 29 Jon Curtis RB
  • 35 Chad Salvador FB
  • 38 Mateo Watson FB

Wide Receivers

  • 85 Sam Reeves WR
  • 80 Roy Rylan WR
  • 83 Randall Ware WR
  • 81 Javon Wallace WR
  • 82 James Welch WR

Tight Ends

  • 84 Randall Church TE
  • 86 Thomas Atkins TE
  • 87 James Gray TE
  • 55 Simeon Houston ILB
  • 51 Shay Santino ILB
  • 57 Darrion Marquez LOLB
  • 58 RJ Fierce ROLB

Defensive Backs

  • 23 Hank Maxwell CB
  • 26 Dylan Hodge CB
  • 28 Chris Kent SS
  • 36 Chris James FS

Special Teams

  • 12 Matt Reilley K
  • 15 Zak Taylor P