The New York Assassins are an expansion team across town from the NY Nightmare and 2nd franchise since the Dutchman in 1950s. The Team was established in 2011 when fans wanted a rivalry in NY again. The team adopted the colors Navy, Red, and Black having a standout look compared to the rest of the league. In the expansion draft, the team drafted WR Justin Jonas, CB Neal Parker, and LB Greg Scott and QB JaMarcus Russell and also LB Rolando Mclain and WR Titus Young. Then, In the college draft, they drafted rookie Offensive Guard Luke " The joke " Joke El as the second overall pick trading their first overall pick to the Dever Grizzles for a second overall pick and veteran linebacker Von " the killer " Miller. In the second round they gained even more popularity by draft Robert Sands II, The nephew of Quinton Sands who finished his undergraduate degree at Long Island Community College and Northern entering the league at the age of 19 becoming the youngest rookie to ever be in the league.

Head Coach: Mike McCartney

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Stadium: Coca Cola Park 2011 - present


58 Von " The killer " Miller OLB


2 JaMarcus Russell
Assassins uniform

NY Assassins home uniform and logo courtesy of yours truly, franchise football P.S also find the hidden a in the assassins logo

Assassins stadium

This is the Assassins stadium which features the first flexible roof capable of absorbing a shock wave caused by a lightning bolt while keeping the fans dry and safe and capable of holding up to 8 inches of snow

15 Tim Artington

Running Backs

28 Fred Taylor HB

21 Darrell Armstrong HB

20 Henry Stewart HB

45 Freddy Duncan FB

35 Randall Smith FB

Wide Receivers

87 Titus Young WR

85 Justin Jonas WR

80 Jason Johnson WR

89 Jaquan Little WR/KR

12 Tyler Harris WR

Tight Ends

86 Aaron "Caught Red" Hernandez

82 Mark Metcalf TE

79 Brian Ferris TE

Offensive Line

63 Jeff Sunday C

70 Matt Kirk C

71 Luke " The Joke " Joke El G

60 Luke " The Tundra " Williams G

78 Tony Sandwitch T

67 Justin Wong T

Defensive Line

50 Robert Payne DE

52 Will Anderson DE

45 Marin Jones DT

53 Danny Shaw DT

99 J.T Barrett DT

97 Sean Elliot DT

98 Mark Johnson DT

96 Sam Cooper DE

90 Jarelle Dunn DE


55 Ignacio Bell MLB

59 Craig Izzo MLB

56 Greg Jones OLB

51 Ra'shede Hageman OLB

54 Robert Sands II OLB ( the nephew of Quinton Sands )

57 Ed Guzman OLB (brother of Eric Guzman)

58 Rolando McClain MLB

92 Joel Harper MLB

Defensive Backs 

34 CB

35 Garry Joseph CB

45 Anthony Noel CB/PR

33 Marcus Parks CB/WR

23 Paris Young SS

22 Ed " bleed " Seed SS

20 Sammie Hollins FS

21 Darren Cox FS

Special Teams

3 Nate Conway K

9 Bryan Ullman P