Role in Blitz 1Edit

Mike Mexico, an analogue to former Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles (now New York Jets) QB Michael Vick, is the QB for the Washington Redhawks known more for his running ability than his passing skills, he's frustrated several teams defenses by scrambling and making a play from what should have been a sack.

Role in Blitz 2Edit

After taking over the Captains spot from fellow Redhawk Jacob Williams, both men were involved with a betting scandal that led them to be incarcerated at the Supermax Prison Facility. Mexico was recruited to play on the prisons football squad, as a ringer, though Williams is released from jail and is back with the Redhawks before the Prison Ball game. Mexico finds himself taking orders from the squads captain Karl Tirpitz. The teams prepping for a the annual Prison Ball game against the County Facility down the road.

Pitbull Revenge Edit

If the player injures Mike Mexico for the game in Blitz: The League on the XBOX 360 & PS3 Versions they receive this Achievement.