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Atlant 404 DE Kimo Talofa

Kimo Talofa is the captain of the Atlanta 404. Born in Samoa, Kimo graduated from the New Zealand Institute for Sport, and then won 2011 Rugby's World Cup. Now he's the fiercest pass rusher in the League. His head is so large and hard, he could play without a helmet and it wouldn't matter. Off the field, he's a train wreck. He has a bad habit of getting blind drunk and picking fights with rich guys.

While Talofa initially plays for the Atlanta 404, and plays against the player in Division II, he later joins the Los Angeles Riot, and matches up against the player once again in Division I. And later returns back to the 404.

According to the video intro, he is listed at 6'5" & weighs at 340 lbs