John Preston was drafted out of Oregon and became the Team Captain for the Baltimore Bearcats leading them to 3 straight playoff apperences and a Championship. After the league strike, he signed as a Free Agent with the New York Nightmare and lead them to back-to-back championships and after that the team had chemistry problems and defence problems so they traded Preston to the Las Vegas Aces and brought them their first championship in 34 years and as he was signed by the New England Regulars and led them to a Championship in 2000 while replacing Damien Bell. In 2008, he had his jersey retired in the Reno Sports Hall of Fame.

Career Highlights 14 time All-Star (1984-90; 1994-02) 3 time MVP: 1994,1995,2000 Most playoff appearances: 19 Most Championships: 5 (1985, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000)