Jacqui is the head cheerleader for the player-created team in the first Blitz game. She is the only cheerleader who plays a role in the storyline, and, as a result, cannot be removed and substituted like the other cheerleaders who make up the 4-girl squad.

Role in Blitz 1Edit

Jacqui, the captain of the team's cheerleading squad, begins making friendly conversation with the team's new rookie at times when the defense is on the field. Jacqui reveals that she went to Northern University, the same university as the rookie. She expresses a desire to date the player, but he is cautious, given the League rules against player-cheerleader interactions, stemming from an infamous incident with Carolina Copperheads player Judd "The Stud" Crenshaw, who had fathered children with two Copperheads cheerleaders, as well as several other cheerleaders from other teams. Eventually, Jacqui and the rookie begin seeing each other as the Division III season progresses.

The arrival of Bruno Battaglia from the Baltimore Bearcats begins to complicate the relationship. Battaglia also begins flirting with Jacqui, who she knew from before the rookie entered the league (which hints that Jacqui may have at one time been a cheerleader for the Bearcats). The rookie is annoyed at Battaglia's intrusion, and temporarily refuses to speak to Jacqui during the Division II season. During the nightclub brawl with the New York Nightmare, however, Quentin Sands comments that the rookie is not man enough to satisfy Jacqui, and suggests that he should take her instead. These comments provoke the rookie into attacking Sands, sparking a brawl between the two teams.

When the rookie is injured by Sands the next night during the game, Jacqui feels partly responsible, believing that the rookie's sticking up for her led to Sands taking out his aggression on him. She calls the rookie to check on him, but it is implied that her call is never returned. Jacqui and the rookie make up, however, during the League Championship game against the Nightmare, when Jacqui wishes the rookie luck as he first takes the field. As the team celebrates its victory over the Nightmare in the locker room after the game, the two fully make up again, and Jacqui states that she is willing to lose her job as a cheerleader to be with the rookie permanently.