Henry Cho was a wide receiver for, and captain of, the Cleveland Steamers. Described as similiar to a "bad guy in a Hong Kong action movie," Cho grew up on the streets of New York City, where he ended up as a member of the Flying Dragons Triad in New York's Chinatown. Playing football allowed him to escape the gang life, though his entourage still includes disreputable characters. Cho is known to cheat on his wife with Asian supermodels, though his wife has supposedly been with every other player on the Steamers' roster.

After the Division III season, Cho becomes one of the players available for the player's team, provided that Franchise is not a wide receiver.

In 2013, Cho becomes extremely displeased with repeated poor seasons with the Steamers. In the latter half of his career, 2015, Cho decides to become a free agent , hoping to have one last shot at a Division I title before he has to retire.