Blitz the League II Kid Franchise

Blitz the League II Kid Franchise


The history of Franchise's team starts in 2008 when it is expanded into the League alongside the Los Angeles Riot. Unlike the Riot, not much is expected from this team until the unexpected move of "Franchise" in snubbing the Riot and proclaiming he would only play for his hometown team, this team. Two weeks into the Division III season, the team's defense is bolstered with the acquisition of veteran linebacker Quentin Sands from the New York Nightmare. After unexpectedly defeating the Milwaukee Hounds in the 2008 Division III Championship, this team moved up to Division II for the 2009 season. During the offseason Franchise was arrested for failing a drug test but was granted an early release from prison after helping the Milltown Correctional Facility defeat their perrenial rivals, the Supermax Prison Facility in their annual Prison Ball game. Franchise then successfully lead the team to the 2009 Division II Championship and stunned everyone by defeating the heavily favored Miami Hammerheads. In the offseason a tragic event occured involving the Minnesota Reapers forcing the team to suspend operations and nesscitating a 2nd Division II team to move up. Instead of just promoting the 2nd place Hammerheads the commissioner holds a random drawing and the Riot are promoted instead. After every league championship the team will trade 1 person for a team captain except Conrad Damon. Before the Division I season begins, the team acquires ex-convict Karl Tirpitz who had just been released from Super Max. Not only that but the commissioner stacks the roster with many of the League's star players making them instant favorites to win the 2010 League Championship, but that doesn't come to pass instead this team upsets the favored Riot in the 2010 League Championship game. The default team's name is the Anaheim Spartans, but unlike the Player-Created Team in Blitz I, the player has more control over their team's name and logo.


  • 17 Kid Franchise

Running Backs/Fullbacks

  • 21 Ben Robey RB
  • 34 Brendan Cox RB
  • 22 Darryl Baxter RB
  • 40 FB

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

  • 81 Josh Mims WR
  • 80 Ashley Ashwin WR  
  • 82 Sammie Bryant WR
  • 85 Kris Peterson WR
  • 83 Doug Cain TE
  • 88 Trent Upton TE
  • 89 Dale Baccus TE
  • 87 Corey Sheppard WR

Offensive Linemen

  • 61 Deshaun Byrd
  • 62 Demarcus Ling
  • 63
  • 78 Tim Kim
  • 74 Jessie Abrams

Defensive Linemen

  • 94 John Cruz DE
  • 99 Brian Seager DE
  • 91 Walter Dyer DT
  • 66 Karl Tripitz DE
  • 95 Johnny Whitcomb DE
  • 77 Law Miles DE


  • 51 David Webb
  • 54 John Raymer
  • 55 Brian Tarr
  • 56 Quentin Sands

Defensive Backs

  • 24 Ben Pollack CB
  • 41 Myron Dupree CB
  • 28 Oliver Hatcher SS
  • 17 Kid Franchise FS


  • 2 Damon Larson
  • 10 Tyler Waldman