Ezekial Freeman is a character mostly known for his faith in God. During Blitz: The League, he plays cornerback for the San Diego Cyclones and is known for his speed and ball hawking ability, like the other members of the San Diego secondary. Before Blitz: The League II, he puts up the worst statistics of his career and demands a trade to the Cincinnati Crusaders, stating that "God told him to be a Crusader." This time, he changes his position from playing cornerback to free safety. After the Player-Created Team finishes Division 3, they have the option of drafting Freeman, as long as Franchise doesn't play safety. He is modeled after Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Career Highlights and Awards

  • Former team captain of the San Diego Cyclones
  • Current team captain for the Cincinnati Crusaders
  •  Holds the all-time Division III record for most interceptions in one season, with 10 in 2007