The Detroit Devils are a team in Blitz: The League I and II. They were founded in 1942 after the League shortened it's teams to 6 due to World War II.

History:[edit | edit source]

The Detroit Devils were formed in 1942 as the Detroit Mechanics, as part of the League's contraction during World War II. It is unknown what their previous incarnation, if any, was in the pre-war years. In 1950 the Mechanics began what was called "The Devil Season" mainly due to their hard hitting nature, their opponents took to calling them "The Devils from Detroit" and after winning the 1950 Championship game 47-0 against the Milwaukee Bottlers they officially changed their name to the Detroit Devils for the 1951 season. In 1968 The Devils won the Eastern League Championship. which was played in Shamrock Stadium in honor of the New York Shamrocks who had died in a horrible plane crash the previous year. After the 1976 merge of the Eastern and Western Leagues the Devils were placed in Division I. However they finish with the worst record and are the first team bumped down to Division II.

Controversy overshadows the Devils play in 1984 when their star LB Chris DeAngelo is involved in two seperate accidents that led to the deaths of Dallas Aztecs RB Pete Washington and Las Vegas Aces QB Kyle Foster. In 1985 DeAngelo is originally found guilty of manslaughter charges however both counts are overturned by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and later the Supreme Court. The last few years haven't been kind to the Devils after a couple of last place finishes sent them tumbling from Division I all the way down to Division III. As of the 2008 season they aren't even considered a contender for the Division III Championship and are rated as one of the League's worst.

'Team Captain: WR/KR Cookie Wallace


The Fire Pit (1942-Present)

Detroit Devils Roster
  • 12 Brock Mackey QB
  • 18 Boone Mack QB

Running Backs

  • 26 Jevon Jones RB
  • 31 Kalop Banks RB
  • 20 Mosey Raymond
  • 38 Darnell Blayne FB
  • 40 Lionel Collins

Wide Receivers

  • 80 Cookie Wallace WR
  • 84 DJ Robertson WR
  • 82 Glenn Childs WR
  • 83 Chris Maloney WR
  • 85 Elias Caruca WR

Tight Ends/Offensive Line

  • 81 Ted Bulinski TE
  • 86 Walter Treaton TE
  • 87 Blake Bodley TE
  • 60 Max Sharpe G
  • 61 Terence Barker
  • 72 Karl Hall
  • 62 Amos Grant T
  • 66 Scott Clark
  • 69 Ronnie Alexander
  • 65 Mali Stevens C
  • 63 Roger Clarke
Linebackers/Defensive Line
  • 50 Markel Perry ILB1
  • 58 Wolly Zidan ILB2
  • 59 Chester Jomenez ILB3
  • 54 Seth West LOLB
  • 57 Derrick Mason
  • 55 Freddie Sanchez ROLB
  • 51 Andy Robinson
  • 52 Bobby Watts LDE
  • 99 Cody Daniels
  • 56 Lionel Wood RDE
  • 77 Sylvester Lowe
  • 93 Alejandro Andrews DT
  • 91 Vincent Evans
  • 96 Charlie Chapman
  • 75 Kent Carson

Defensive Backs

  • 25 Xavier Doleman CB
  • 27 Andre Young
  • 23 Tanarius Moore
  • 25 Mitchell Olsen
  • 35 Ozzie Ally
  • 42 Eddie Baker FS
  • 33 Bennie White
  • 34 George Reeves

Special Teams

  • 2 Bill Millen K
  • 1 Ashley Monteza P
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