"Brutal" Bruno Battaglia Position: LB Bruno is a highly intense, dirty, and widely hated player who loves a good party. He was drafted by the Arizona Outlaws in the 2000 draft as the #2 pick overall, but he failed to show up at the podium to greet his team on the nationally television when his name is called because he passed out at the pre-party the night before. Incensed, the Outlaws rescind he pick, but the Baltimore Bearcats take a chance on the unstable but uniquely talented player. In 2003 he "accidentally" severs the ear of Cincinnati Crusaders Tight End Xavier Filmore after knocking his helmet off on a sideline hit and plowing him into a metal bench. Four weeks later when the teams meet for their second game of the season in Cincinnati, Bruno walks out of the tunnel and onto the field wearing a bloody severed ear on a chain around his neck. A near riot breaks out in the stadium and Bruno is escorted away by the police for his own safety. Though the ear later turns out to be fake, death threats start rolling in, earning unapologetic Bruno the title of "Most hated player in football." Blitz 1: Bruno begins the season on the Baltimore Bearcats but after the Division III season he is released for calling the team owner "A spineless Bastard!" He is then signed by the player created team and continues his season there.

Blitz 2: Sometime in the years following Blitz 1, Bruno joins the Los Angeles Riot expansion team. He then becomes team captain and leads this team of "Ringers" to the championship game every year. He has also surgically upgraded his elbow with a titanium joint. It appears that he also severly injures the quarterback of the New York Nightmare the season before Blitz 2 opens, which doesn't exactly sit well with New York's captain Quentin Sands.