Blitz The League

The Xbox 360 box artwork of Blitz: The League.

Blitz: The League is an American football sports game developed and published by Midway. It was released as an unlicensed extension of their NFL Blitz series. This game is the first in the Blitz series to receive an "M" rating by the ESRB due to the graphic violence, explicit language, and drug use depicted.


Blitz: The League is very similar to previous installments in the NFL Blitz series, as it depicts an aggressive and violent version of gridiron football. Like previous games in the series, the first down is earned with 30 yards instead of the ten in real life NFL football.

However, in this installment, the volelence is more prominent. For example, players can actually see injured players take damage inside their body. Also, there is a "Clash" system in place. On gaining yards, making tackles for a loss, scoring, or forcing turnovers, players are rewarded with an increased "Clash" meter. When the Clash meter is charged up, players may perform "dirty" stiff-arms, dodges, rush avoidance (for quarterbacks), or, most importantly, "dirty hits" on defense.


Due to Midway not having a license to NFL games, Blitz: The League has eighteen fictional teams instead of the up to 32 real life NFL teams of earlier NFL Blitz titles. Also, in this game and the sequel to it, Blitz: The League II, the excess cheering and late hits were re-added into Blitz.


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